26 Aug, 2014

Virginia Beach Tattoo Convention!

26 Aug, 2014

Made Rich and videographer, Justin Gaddy hit the streets of Virginia Beach for their 2nd Annual tattoo convention out there. Unfortunate the duo missed their bus down their and ended up driving. Dudes left at like 3am and drove straight to the convention, set up, and started working, who needs sleep?!

Knocked out about 9 dope tattoos out there, met some dope fans, and chopped it up with a few aspiring tattoo artists. “Its’s aways cool hitting different cities up and meeting people who have been following your work for such a long time but have never met. Lol a lot of times they’ll tell you something about yourself that done been forgot”, Rich said.

Next month the two will be hitting the Raleigh NC Tattoo convention so if you’re in the area that might be your time to catch them.



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