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Tattoo Of The Week

Interning for a tattoo shop is electrifying because you get to see people’s stories turn into art. Paul’s tattoo made it to Tattoo of The Week, because of the story and it shows something different and serious. Walking pass the room where Paul was being tattooed , I had...

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Ink Master Season 6, Episode 3

Being that Made Rich is a veteran from Spike TV’s Ink Master, it is only right that Think Before You Ink stays up to date in the show Ink Master. In this weeks episode, the contestants were asked to work with another partner in order to create a legend...

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Flash Friday X Think Before You Ink Studio

On June 3rd, 2014, an event was produced to mix the modern day artist with the modern day “enjoyer”. In the world of Think Before You Ink, this day was titled ” Flash Friday”. A day where everyone could mix and mingle, drink and enjoy tattoos for only 30...

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