Spike TV Ink Master Season 6 Episode 6

sitg_hires_epi6_MattTHIS IS MATT’s WINNING TATTOO

sitg_hires_epi6_KitoTHIS IS KITO’s LOSING TATTOOS
This week on Ink Master, the judges were testing the contestants on their ability to do clean line work. The elimination challenge this week was extremely hard for most of the ink masters simply because they didn’t have much artistic freedom. This weeks elimination challenge was for everyone to do the same koi fish. The Koi Fish outline was done by Mike Rubendall, a world renowned Japanese tattoo artist. ¬†Each contestant had to compete against Mikes koi fish tattoo. Many flopped this week. But the biggest let down was Kito, Kito’s canvas was extremely pushy and did not want to compromise at all. She did not want any water, under her Koi Fish in which stunted his art. Sadly, she was not happy at all with her tattoo and Kito was named worst tattoo of the day and was sent home. I believe Ceeze should’ve went home simply because his work is repetitive and he shows no real sense of growth and he shows that he is over confident. Next week’s show will totally be a must watch!


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