Spike TV: Ink Master Season 6 Episode 4

On this weeks Ink Master, the flash challenge everyone worked in groups of three. The challenge was to adorn a sarcophagus. I loved this challenge because it was exactly like tattooing a person. Now this challenge was solely based on detail. The winners of the flash challenge were Duffy, St.Marq and Erik, the judges believed they succeeded in paying close attention to the detail. I actually agree because the red and blue colors were amazingly put together and were used to bring out the gold leaf in the sarcophagus. But for the Elimination challenge they were going head to head with two other people. This challenge was to do an Egyptian tattoo. Many of the artist’s succeeded, but one had to go. Unfortunately MV was sent home due to difficulty’s that the judges just could not overlook. MV’s version of the Sphinx was said to “not resemble a sphinx AT ALL!” and because of that he was sent home. I learned from this episode that you must try your hardest and put your best foot forward.I am still rooting for Kruseman, his elimination challenge tattoo was exquisite! I am anticipating hopefully another win from him next week!



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