MCM: Motivation Crush Monday

As a younging myself, I respect any girl that’s young and doing good for themselves. Kehlani is most definitely artist to watch simply because she is a force of nature. Being a woman with so many tattoos and have such an androgynous look, it is so stimulating. Kehlani is liberating and unapologetic. All of her tattoos are extremely unique and show a great amount of respect to the women in this world. Tattoos covering her skin with faces like Lauryn Hill and Frida Khalo. I appreciate her because she curates such free spirited music and she writes all of it by herself which is so rare nowadays. She is a walking art gallery and an inspiration to young girls and women all over the world. She’s on tour right now, get your tickets now! 🙂Kehlani1 Kehlani2 Kehlani3 Kehlnai5


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