Ink Master Season 6 Episode


This week goes in spike tv history books, Earl goes home and Kruseman lives to see another day. The theme for this weeks Ink Master was ingenuity. Creating optical illusions were easy for some , but for others it wasn’t so easy. The flash challenge consisted of utilizing naked bodies to create an illusion using air brush neon colors and deleting the the human body form when the lights were out. Craig and Big Cease won the challenge, due to a strong illusion and successfully deleting the human body form. For the actual challenge, the contestants had to utilize each body part in order to create an illusion with the tattoo. Unfortunately many did not meet the challenge but three failed miserably, Kruseman, Katie and Earl had the worst tattoo’s of the night. Earl was sent home due to terrible design in tattoo. Although I believed Katie’s tattoo was less deserving of a spot. Her tattoo was a supposed to be a mouth but inside the tongue seemed to be separated and looked more like two cherries. She was supremely confident this week, which most likely threw her off her game. There weren’t many tattoos that impressed me this week, but next weeks episode seemed to consist of a lot of tag teaming tattooing which seemed VERY interesting. Stay tuned for next weeks show!


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