27 Aug, 2015

Event Recap ! : Afro Punk Fest

27 Aug, 2015

Superrrr long weekend in Brooklyn’s Commodore Park for us Queens natives at Afro Punk. Super long weekend, but hella worth it! We rocked a booth there to showcase our work, shook some hands, gave out some giveaways, a lot of give aways actually, and did some live painting on a wall we built there. If you got an event shirt or towel from us please cherish it because we didn’t even have any left to save for us, sucks. Doesn’t suck as much as for those who missed the entire festival but luckily for you there is a recap video, enjoy


Sights and sounds from day one of our fest. Video courtesy of Shearwater Films.

Posted by AFROPUNK onĀ Sunday, August 23, 2015


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