09 Sep, 2014

Dtatstar x Made Rich : Good Aura Tat Tourá

09 Sep, 2014

The beautiful minds of Dtatstar and Made Rich are hitting the road on an east coast tour with their TBYI family! NEVER has the duo set up an official tour but with this being the first we are all excited to see whats to come. Of course their videographer is hitting the road with them so if you see the boys out, drop a line for the camera, camera smiles. We have the flyer listed below and if you catch us in one of the cities we’ll have give aways along the road so say whats up when you see us.

Along with the handouts we will be giving away 1 FREE TATTOO in one of the cities that we will be hitting up so if you want to get on board to try to win that tattoo follow the instructions below:

1. Repost the flyer and tag #TBYI #GOODAURATATTOURA on Instagram

2. Page must be public during contest

3. Contest winner will be picked randomly 9/19



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