5 tattoos YOU WILL REGRET.

After watching ” Bad Ink” with Dirk Vermin and Ruckus, I have realized how many REALLY bad tattoos. These are tattoos that you will regret.I also realized that tattoos are forever and you should make sure you want to live with them. Never do anything in the moment, always think and always ink!

sb-nicki-tattoo 1. Tattooing your girlfriend or boyfriend’s face should be ILLEGAL in all 50 states.



2. This is just no, just NO!
disgusting tattoo 1

3. PLEASE DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON THIS.feather4. This tattoo more than any other action in the world.angjolie5. PLEASE DO NOT GET THEIR NAME TATTOOED, We all love Angelina without the Billy Bob across her arm.


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