Event Recap ! : Afro Punk Fest

Superrrr long weekend in Brooklyn’s Commodore Park for us Queens natives at Afro Punk. Super long weekend, but hella worth it! We rocked a booth there to showcase our work, shook some hands, gave out some giveaways, a lot of give aways actually, and did some live painting on a wall we built there. If you got an event shirt or towel from us please cherish it because we didn’t even have any left to save for us, sucks. Doesn’t suck as much as for those who missed the entire festival but luckily for you there is a recap video, enjoy  
Sights and sounds from day one of our fest. Video courtesy of Shearwater Films. Posted by AFROPUNK on Sunday, August 23, 2015

CB Round 2 With The Brahma Bull!?

Ok, so when everyone thought he was done with Venus De Milo, Chris Brown lines some work up on the other side of his head. This time went with the brahma bull for your candy ass. Don’t really know what these images have to do with one another but all we know from CB’s Instagram account is that “I do what the fuck I want!”. Go for it! #thinkbeforeyouink   Screen-Shot-2015-08-26-at-9.08.00-PM-578x560

Venus De Chris Brown

With much going on in Chris Brown’s life with numerous break ins I think he has turned to the Greek lords for some clarity. Now the king of pop and controversy, young artist CB went for some tattoo therapy. We firmly believe the image that was tattooed on him is a depiction of Venus de Milo, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.. oh. It was reportedly posted on Chris Brown’s Instagram page but then quickly deleted. For his skin’s sake hopefully this one won’t turn into a cover up, well its on the back of his head, no worries.    




chinx2   At Think Before You Ink , our playlist consists of NWA, Eminem , Jcole , Bas and Sampha. But today, I walked in and heard the sound of a very familiar voice. This week we have been playing Chinx Drugz ‘s new album, the album is absolutely amazing. His music is extremely motivational, and eclectic. The music is definitely empowering. Chinx’s album was released 3 months after his death. All of his music family have tweeted condolences and promoted his respected album. All in all this album is amazing and Chinx legacy will live on forever. Grab his album here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/welcome-to-jfk/id1017963015

Smart Marvel

moongirl moongirl2Amazingly, Marvel has created their new comic book character. This is the spin off of the Moon Boy, (Moon Girl) is a beautiful intelligent black girl who is friends with the “Devil Dinosaur”. Her name is Lunella Lafayette, the writer tells Entertainment Weekly ” She is definitely a type of personality that I had in mind for a long time, that hopefully people can identify with in different aspects. Lunella or ” moon girl” is painted to be a premature teenage genius who lives in NYC. According to Complex, Moon Boy will reappear in some of the Moon Girl books. Excitingly speaking this will definitely begin to open the floodgates for more diversity in the Marvel world. In other words GO MARVEL!

Brittany Sky: HypeBeast Interview

brittany_neree.jpg?w=560&h=372 Another Queens native is on the “glo”. Brittany Sky told HypeBeast mag about her life. She is doing a little bit of everything right now. She talks about not conforming tho the industry standards and not taking life so serious. She recently did All Star Weekend and is doing events for Top Shop and Jordan. She is inspired by Pharrell, Gwen Stefani and Micheal Jackson. Brittany Sky has been seen in Kendrick Lamar’s ” Poetic Justice” video and has done a lot of photoshoots for respected photographers. Brittany is DEFINITELY ON THE “GLO”. Watch her interview here:  

Ink Master Season 6 Episode 7

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 2.11.08 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-12 at 3.28.53 PMThis weeks Ink Master was straight to the point! They decided to go without the flash challenge and straight into the elimination challenge. This weeks challenge was to transform their canvas’s into an animal. This challenge was extremely difficult because they were tattooing four at a time. They were going to be judged as group, which made the challenge a little bit more difficult. There were 3 groups. Dave, Katie, Big Ceeze and Chris did a womans cheetah fur.  Kruseman,Craig, Marissa and Erik were assigned to crocodile skin. Where as Tyler,Duffy, St.Marq and Matt got a brazillian rainbow boa. Unfortunately, The Cheetah canvas tapped out and St.Marq didn’t want to work with his group. This made everything terribly difficult. All in all the crocodile won tattoo of the day. Chris and St.Marq were both sent down. This week St.Marq was sent home! I believe St.Marq had the biggest ego but could never back it up. All of his work looked the same. He simply wasn’t a team player. Look out for next weeks episode!