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Picattoo Turns Instagram Photos Into Temporary Tattoos

Cant get enough of your selfie obsessed favorite celebs? Want to show off your latest trip without using up your iPhones data? Just show it off on your arm.


Dutch start-up, Picattoo, is now offering selfie lovers the chance to print up temporary tattoos, which can then be stuck on the body part of your choice.
All you need to do is choose 12 Instagram snaps and for just $14.99 and they will be turned into neat little tattoos that won’t send your parents into a frenzy.

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The Netherlands based service, which ships these ‘Insta-tats’ worldwide, has been launched by photography products company Ink361, which focuses on monetizing Instagram usage by offering a web viewer and print your photos service, among other photo-focused products. Ink361 also houses the Fastbook which converts Instagram photos as printed, pocket-sized photo books starting at $14.95.
With 300million people now using Instagram and a generation of selfie (and tattoo) obsessed young people determined to ink every spare patch of skin, Picattoo shouldn’t be short of customers.
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After Realizing His Tattoo “Destroyed” His Body, Teenager Undergoes Laser Removal

This wasn’t a drunken decision, just a decision that took no thought.

On a whim, an 18 year old Tom Pyle had a large tattoo inked onto his chest showing two women’s faces – one of them with skull-like features – reading: “We must let go of the life we have planned so to accept the life that is waiting for us” in the space between them. His decision disappointed his parent who are completely against tattoos. For months they tried to convince him to have the design removed but it was only the negative reaction of his friends that made him think about having the art removed.

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The mural wasn’t Tom’s first time getting inked up. Despite his parents’ wishes Tom tattooed both ribs and both ankles but the chest piece crossed the line. His mother only discovered her son had been inked with the massive design across his chest when she stumbled across a picture he had posted on Facebook. “My first thought was ‘oh my God, they are absolutely awful’,” she explained. “We didn’t understand why he would have chosen that image as it is so at odds with the Tom we know. The quote suggested he had had a bad life, when in actual fact he has led a good, happy life. He was born so perfect and to me, now, I felt he was scarred, that he had destroyed his body.”
After being the butt of jokes and questions while on holiday with his friends, Tom realized he made the wrong choice in ink. “At the time all my friends were getting tattooed and I thought it was the ‘thing’ to do. We were all about to go on a lads holiday and we all wanted to be inked for the beach. The moment I walked out I was gutted. I was think “what on earth have I done”.

He’s currently going through the painful process of getting his tattoo removed and compares the feeling to getting stung by a “red hot elastic band over and over” and even said he could smell his own skin burning.
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British TV Super Fan Dedicates His Back To ‘Only Fools And Horses’

After 50 hours, Darren Williams’ tribute tattoo is finally done. The Bristol resident, spent £4,000 and two months in the tattoo parlour perfecting the tribute, complete with Del Boy, Rodney, Uncle Albert, Trigger, Boycie, and Nelson Mandela House.

Though the massive piece takes up his entire back, Williams insists that he isn’t an obsessive fanatic and even says that the tattoo was the artists idea. “I have met a lot of the cast. There was a convention at the Bristol City ground which I went along to a few years ago. I met Boycie, Marlene, Sid, Denzel, Mickey Pierce – they were all lovely, just like they are on the TV.”

Only Fools And Horses is a classic BBC show that influenced a lot of pop culture in the UK. “I love the programme, obviously, but it was the tattooist’s idea. It was all his own work.”
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Man With Full Faced Tattoo Caught Up In Prostitution Sting

David William Ramage, whose face is entirely covered in ink, was caught by police in an online investigation into ads posted on offering sex for cash and ‘other illegal activities.’ The 45 year old Newport, Ohio resident was taken into custody with seven others and was charged with one count of aiding in prostitution following an undercover police operation.

The Parkersburg, West Virginia Police claim that the suspects were posting classified ads offering sex for cash and “other illegal activities” on Backpage and Craigslist.
Parkersburg Police Chief Joseph Martin said the investigation began in October 2014.
“It’s not an open-air prostitution issue. This is more of a behind-the-scenes, in the shadows kind of illicit activity that we weren’t necessarily aware of,” he told the Charleston Daily Mail. “We use this as a tool to try to uncover other crimes and other criminal activity that’s going on in or around Parkersburg.”

All suspects were later released on bonds ranging between $1,000 and $4,000.
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Oregon Fan Gets Ohio State Tattoo After Losing a Bet

Seems like more and more sports fans are ending up with loosing tattoos this season.

This time around, after losing a bet that the Oregon Ducks would beat Ohio State in the College Football Playoff National Championship… He had to suffer the consequences.
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Decked out in head to toe Ducks gear, this poor guy sat through the process of tattooing the Ohio State logo on his leg.
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A Tattoo Can Get You Free Tacos For The Rest Of Your Life in Missouri

Love tacos? You can get unlimited goodies for life as long as you’re willing to show your dedication. What level of dedication? Just a tattoo…of a taco.
Danny Moilanen, who owns Flint’s taco truck company, Vehicle City Tacos, announced the promotion earlier this week after getting his own VCT tattoo on his leg.

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Moilanen got the idea from an old Chicago hot dog shop called Hot Doug’s, which offered a free daily hot dog to customers tattooed with its brand.
Of course with any promotion comes rules. “It has to have a taco on it, it has to say either VCT or Vehicle City Taco, and it has to be at least 3-by-3 inches,” says Moilanen. And one more thing, he added: “The tattoo has to be located somewhere on the body that can be shown in public.”
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Young L.A. Artist is Offering You A Spot On Her Skin For Just $10

You know when you go to a public bathroom in your city and all the walls are tagged up with names, phrases & doodles? Well for just a measly $10, Illma Gore will tattoo your name any where on her body.
In an effort to raise money for her newest installation – her body, the young The formerly homeless artist is the 22-year-old daughter of a once-wealthy land developer in Australia who lost everything before he died.
Her Kickstarter page, which has been up for a few days has already bypassed her goal – almost doubling the amount of money she planned to raise.


I want to be a singular tattoo for my latest art exhibition, and I want it to be your names. This is going to be an art exhibition in LA featuring my body and your names. I think the tattoo on my forehead says it best ‘Life is art’. There is something absurd & beautiful about having an accumulation of absolute strangers names draped over my pale goth skin, even if half of them are ‘Penis Butt’. Why? you might ask, simply because I can, I know what I’m about son, and I am my own ultimate canvas. Like my art exhibitions and murals this is a social and artistic experiment! Each persons name to me represents YOU the main protagonist in your own story. I will be covered in a hundred tiny stories.

Everyone who pledges I’m going to get your names tattooed whether the campaign is funded or not x Each name/s tattoo or design will be featured on my Facebook page, to clarify the name does not have to be yours, in fact it can be any one to two words you want (even penis)… and yes, I have also considered that this could mean my whole body is covered in names, at 6ft I am prepared to be covered in names from toe to ass, stomach to head if I have to.
During the process it will be filmed… not by my crappy camera, and regular updates about the exhibition that will be held somewhere in Los Angeles and the conclusion of each tattoo will be added to my Facebook page, each person who designs a tattoo will be tagged with their piece on my hot bod. I chose 6K because talking to the shop I go to regularly, we estimate about 60 hours of work, plus gallery exhibition costs, As soon as this campaign is over we will begin!

I’m going to force my friend to edit and film a bad ass vid for youtube from start to finish! Including a photo-shoot of the before and afters that will be presented in the form of an exhibition.

If you’re interested in supporting this young artist, you can head to her Kickstarter page.
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Roma Fan Gets Tattoo of Francesco Totti Taking a Selfie

Sports fans can get a little out of hand sometimes when it comes to showing their dedication to their team. Some get the team name, logo/mascot, or… some tattoo their favorite player – but one man took it to another level.

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Francesco Totti took a selfie after scoring against Roma’s fierce rivals, Lazio, this past Sunday. A very memorable moment, especially for pop culture. But one devote soccer fan felt the need to immortalise the moment tattooing the action of Totti taking a selfie in the field. A clever dedication in my opinion.
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Man With Romney Logo Tattoo Will Not Support The Republicans Third Presidency Attempt

Looks like third time isn’t the charm for Eric Hartsburg. Back in 2012, the registered republican from Indiana has announced that he will not be supporting the former governor if he makes a third attempt at a seat in the White House.
Well, theres news for Eric. This week The Washington Post reported that Mitt Romney “almost certainly will” make a third run in 2016.
Hartsburg was paid $15,000 by an anonymous Republican eBay user to get the tattoo, according to ABC News. Since the 2012 election, he said he has had two laser treatments to remove the now-faded tattoo from his face, adding that he’s ready to part with and “diss” Romney for good.
“I am a registered Republican and a Romney supporter,” he told ABC News at the time. “I didn’t mind getting this tattoo because it is something that I could live with and it’s something that I believe in.”

Hartsburg has since had two laser treatments to have the ‘R’ mark removed from the right side of his face. In 2012, the economy was his top priority though LGBT issues are now his primary focus and does not see eye to eye with his former muse.
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Think Before You Ink: Super Bowl Edition

If you’re not part of a team, you’d have to be a next level football superfan to get a teams Super Bowl year tattooed on you. But, if you’re going to jump the gun and get the tattoo before the stats are out, you might need to consult a psychic or prepare yourself for ridicule.
This past weekend, NFL divisional playoffs coming to an end for the Dallas Cowboys but one fan unfortunately had the utmost faith in the wrong team. Losing in the divisional round, of course, means you did not win the Super Bowl, which means this Cowboys fan is going to have trouble explaining his tattoo.
Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.09.36 PM And he wasn’t the only one. While on the topic of optimism, a Lions fan also got a 2015 Super Bowl tattoo.
Maybe they should wait till they’re sure next time?
Or just not do it.