The Labor Behind Labor Day

The labor day parade is an end of summer staple event for all New Yorkers especially West Indian and Caribbean cultures. With about one million people in attendance this parade is nothing short of spectacular. The attention is centered around the beautiful elaborate costumes worn by the individuals playing mas. Each band represents a different culture and an annual custom theme. Production on such intricate costumes takes about one year in production. Each band is competing in several categories all hoping to take the crown.laborday2 The designers such as Reisha Maynard-Holder spend grueling hours days on end to put together one of a kind costumes. While most masqueraders appear to be wearing next to nothing at all do not under estimate the cost of bringing these intricate designs to life. A few pounds of feathers alone can start at $300. With all other expenses and labor each camp can spend an upwards of $80,000 on these pieces. With the time it takes to place each bead and every feather by hand it is no surprise most designers out source certain pieces. Once the designer starts production it is a hectic dash to the finish line. While we enjoy the atmosphere of the parade, take a moment to appreciate the labor behind the costume design no matter your age or nationality. laborday1