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“With the sudden surge of tattoos up-roaring as a fashion trend, few consumers take the time out to think about these life altering modifications before getting under the needle” says Made Rich. This inspiration led to action as he began his “THINK BEFORE YOU INK” campaign. This idea was finally transcended with the opening of “THINK BEFORE YOU INK TATTOO STUDIO”. One of the sole purposes of the shop is to provide the quality lacking in today’s tattoo choices made by both the consumer and the artists themselves. Speaking of artists, TBYI tattoo studio has begun assembling its team of cultivated and revolutionary artists. All of the artists of the shop have had their share of adversity in the tattoo industry with 40+ years of combined experience and are ready to make a difference. Time and preparation are essential for choosing the right tattoos because unlike a shirt or any other accessory, there is no return option. Take the time to THINK BEFORE YOU INK and what better time than now?

Come visit the shop from 12 am-8 pm at 167-16 Hillside Ave. 2nd Fl Jamaica Queens, NY 11432 or schedule your appointment by calling (718) 558-3933.

Leave a deposit to book your next tattoo appointment at Think Before You Ink Tattoo Studio!

After your deposit is made please email a detailed description specifying what you would like done. In this email please include placements, approximate dimensions of the tattoo you desire, and any images you can find that we can use as reference. Also be sure to include your first and last name, along with a contact number where we can reach you. In addition include a date you would like us to schedule you to come in. Please keep in mind; we will try our best to accommodate you with your desired appointment.

If you are interested in any cover-up work or extension of a tattoo please attactch a picture of the current tattoo you have including a detailed description of what you would like to use to cover-up the tattoo and /or extend it. Once the email is received you will be contacted during business hours, Mon-Sat 12-8pm.