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Spike TV Ink Master Season 6 Episode 6

THIS IS MATT’s WINNING TATTOO THIS IS KITO’s LOSING TATTOOS This week on Ink Master, the judges were testing the contestants on their ability to do clean line work. The elimination challenge this week was extremely hard for most of the ink masters simply because they didn’t have much...

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Ink Master Season 6 Episode

This week goes in spike tv history books, Earl goes home and Kruseman lives to see another day. The theme for this weeks Ink Master was ingenuity. Creating optical illusions were easy for some , but for others it wasn’t so easy. The flash challenge consisted of utilizing naked...

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Spike TV: Ink Master Season 6 Episode 4

On this weeks Ink Master, the flash challenge everyone worked in groups of three. The challenge was to adorn a sarcophagus. I loved this challenge because it was exactly like tattooing a person. Now this challenge was solely based on detail. The winners of the flash challenge were Duffy,...

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