08 Jan, 2015

Piercing Fanatic Breaks World Record Having 4500 Piercings Done in 8 Hours

08 Jan, 2015

During a grueling 8-hour session, Matthew Menczyk had 4550 surgical needles pierce the skin of his arms and back. He attempted the feat in an effort to raise money for a children’s charity in Canada by breaking the record by 650 pins. The record was previously set by Tyson Turk (American) in 2011.

Body modification specialist Russ Foxx carried out the record-breaking session in Vancouver, Canada.
Speaking to Metro News, Foxx said: “We decided to not just beat (the record)….but to destroy it.”

The end result looks like Menczyk had a layer of armor on and says that the hardest part was removing all the needles. “I was biting things, punching things but I endured and it was all for a good cause!”


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