18 Jul, 2013

Jay-Z’s Top 10 Endorsement Deals

18 Jul, 2013

Jay-Z is setting himself up for world domination in several markets. He is now one of the go to guys if you are trying to capture the eye of the urban community. He started from hustling in the projects of Marcy to now accumulating a $500 million empire and these are some of the top endorsements that helped to get him there:

10) Bing- The search engine company showcased blown-up images of each of the 320 pages of Jay-Z’s autobiography, “Decoded”, onto random surface including dinner plates at his restaurant in New York City, a rooftop in New Orleans, a pool in Miami and others. The aim was so fans could discover clues to the pages locations by logging on to bing.com and using Bing maps.

9) Carol’s Daughter- Jay-Z collaborated with Will and Jada Pinkett as they invested $10 Million into the Brooklyn based beauty products company which is aimed to attract African-American women.

8) Rhapsody- Jay-Z did a commercial with Rhapsody and released his “The Blueprint 3” album 3 days early, exclusively on Rhapsody.

7) Hublot- Prior to designing a watch for the Swiss brand Audemars Piguet, Jay-Z switch allegiances and began working with competitor, Hublot. With just some simple words from the song “Otis”, He is quoted saying, “New watch alert- Hublots”, and demand went through the roof.

6) Hewlett-Packard- He allegedly became interested in HP computers after seeing their impact on students involved in the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund and agreed to be featured in their commercial. He revamped the image of HP briefly and made it hip again.

5) Budweiser- His image prompted Budweiser to make him co-brand director of Budweiser select. He curated the music for their “Made In America” festival and signed on board to do an international advertising campaign to build the brand’s presence.

4) Reebok- Hov became the first non-athlete to secure an endorsement deal with an athletic shoe company in 2003. He designed the S. Carter sneaker for Reebok and it ran out of it’s stock of 10,000 sneakers in hours, which made it the fastest selling pair of sneakers in Reebok history.

3) Barack Obama- Everyone knows about the friendly relationship Jay-Z has with Obama ever since the president admitted that he had quite a bit of Jay-Z in his iPod while on a campaign tour in 2008. President Obama often reached out to Jay-Z to get people to vote or to host his fundraiser events.

2) Samsung Galaxy- Samsung and Jay-Z signed a $20 million dollar deal and as a part of that deal, the company gave away a million early copies to Galaxy phone owners that downloaded the app.

1) Brooklyn Nets- When the Nets were moving across the river, Jay-Z was recruited as an investor by owner Bruce Ratner. Even though his shares were minimal, it was his influence that made him an asset to the organization as he brought renewed spirit and life back to downtown Brooklyn. Unfortunately he had to give up his share of the team in order to start his own sports agency.


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