Emilio Ramos X NAIL ART

IMG_3800Emilio Ramos is a harlem native and a amazing artist. His art targets strong powerful women and its clear to see. Naturally women are drawn to it, because of his use of vibrant colors and his colorful ways of interpreting the feminine features. Many of his famous paintings duplicate and mock the silhouette of Marilyn Monroe. Starting out as a street artist in harlem , he then began gravitating towards canvas art. The art immediately began to capture the attention of women and then began to really catch the eye of famous nail technicians as well as the aspiring. Nail technicians all over the world use his art as designs for women everywhere. ¬†They began to put their own flare on his art and make beautiful nail art all over the world. I truly believe it’s amazing how art and nails can coincide so well.


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