• ipencilpost
        Ever have to vector up an image but you’re on the go? All you have on you is your iPad but your fingers will never give you the precision you need to complete the job? Well the good folks at Apple heard your prayers and answered with the new sleek Apple pen. It […]

    New iPad : Design On The Go!

  • labordaypost
    The labor day parade is an end of summer staple event for all New Yorkers especially West Indian and Caribbean cultures. With about one million people in attendance this parade is nothing short of spectacular. The attention is centered around the beautiful elaborate costumes worn by the individuals playing mas. Each band represents a different […]

    The Labor Behind Labor Day

  •
    Superrrr long weekend in Brooklyn’s Commodore Park for us Queens natives at Afro Punk. Super long weekend, but hella worth it! We rocked a booth there to showcase our work, shook some hands, gave out some giveaways, a lot of give aways actually, and did some live painting on a wall we built there. If […]

    Event Recap ! : Afro Punk Fest

  • cb
    Ok, so when everyone thought he was done with Venus De Milo, Chris Brown lines some work up on the other side of his head. This time went with the brahma bull for your candy ass. Don’t really know what these images have to do with one another but all we know from CB’s Instagram […]

    CB Round 2 With The Brahma Bull!?

  • venus
    With much going on in Chris Brown’s life with numerous break ins I think he has turned to the Greek lords for some clarity. Now the king of pop and controversy, young artist CB went for some tattoo therapy. We firmly believe the image that was tattooed on him is a depiction of Venus de Milo, Aphrodite, […]

    Venus De Chris Brown

  • afropunk
    We will be at AfroPunk this Saturday and Sunday. Come Party with Us! We will be networking at AfroPunk all day with everyone. Don’t forget to check our Instagram, for more information on our tattoo giveaway. Check out our Instagram : @thinkbeforeyouink


  • tatisitebanner
    The Think Before You Ink put together an old school photoshoot. This shoot had a fresh feel. Giving that rugged feel, we decided to give a eclectic feel while emphasizing our extreme love for a good tattoo.  This was so fun and so out of the ordinary.

    TBYI Photoshoot

  • chinx
      At Think Before You Ink , our playlist consists of NWA, Eminem , Jcole , Bas and Sampha. But today, I walked in and heard the sound of a very familiar voice. This week we have been playing Chinx Drugz ‘s new album, the album is absolutely amazing. His music is extremely motivational, and […]


  • moongirlnew
    Amazingly, Marvel has created their new comic book character. This is the spin off of the Moon Boy, (Moon Girl) is a beautiful intelligent black girl who is friends with the “Devil Dinosaur”. Her name is Lunella Lafayette, the writer tells Entertainment Weekly ” She is definitely a type of personality that I had in […]

    Smart Marvel

  • brittanysky
    Another Queens native is on the “glo”. Brittany Sky told HypeBeast mag about her life. She is doing a little bit of everything right now. She talks about not conforming tho the industry standards and not taking life so serious. She recently did All Star Weekend and is doing events for Top Shop and Jordan. She […]

    Brittany Sky: HypeBeast Interview