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Highly respected by his peers, loved by his clientele, critically acclaimed by magazines, bloggers and entertainers, Derrick “DTATSTAR” Verley is irrefutably one of the most talented tattoo artists of today’s generation. Not only is he a substantiated artist, he is a lucrative business man as well. Since attending City Tech College, Derrick has owned two tattoo shops by the name of Onestroke Tattoos located in Queens, New York for over 10 years. Many wonder how is he able to stay so successful in such competitive market; his answer, “an equal balance of love and passion for the creation of  art, a savvy business mentality backed with an exceptional professional demeanor.” Derrick’s strategy promotes long jevity in a fickle and fluctuating industry. In addition, he prides himself in custom tattoo pieces where all he requires is his clients concept and the creation of art follows. Derrick does not stencil but he uses free hand techniques to achieve ‘one of a kind’ tattoos for his clientele. When he isn’t creating human canvases, Derrick illustrates for major global companies such as Universal and Sony Records and partakes in light sculpting, air brushing and painting projects. To sum him up in one word Derrick “DTATSTAR” Verley is ingenious.