Alexander McQueen will be British Money

This just in , one of the world’s best visual artist’s is getting closer to becoming the face on the European twenty dollar bill. McQueen is among the 435 deceased artists to be an official candidate for the 20 dollar bill. The founder of Burberry has also become a candidate. The chosen candidate for the twenty dollar bill, will replace the philosopher Adam Smith in Spring of 2016.

I believe wholeheartedly that Alexander McQueen should receive the opportunity to be on the twenty dollar bill simply because he was one of the only groundbreaking designers we had in the fashion industries. This would be such a plus for the fashion lovers everywhere and it will show great respect to a young talented deceased artist. tumblr_m9gb07Rtmc1qz6fxjo1_1280 mcqueen-scarf-dance-de alexander-mcqueen3_1364278i main_image


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