Can we stop?

angelinajolienickcannonsbncikiThe era of tattooing your significant others face or name on your body must come to an end. Superstars are beginning to cover up their bad decisions as their empire collapses. Stars like Amber Rose, Nick Cannon, Angelina Jolie all had to cover up their poor decisions. As the world awaits for many “power couples’ to break up we take a look at what love really succumbs to. Let the world of many coverups begin!

Ink Master Season 6 Episode

INKMASTER This week goes in spike tv history books, Earl goes home and Kruseman lives to see another day. The theme for this weeks Ink Master was ingenuity. Creating optical illusions were easy for some , but for others it wasn’t so easy. The flash challenge consisted of utilizing naked bodies to create an illusion using air brush neon colors and deleting the the human body form when the lights were out. Craig and Big Cease won the challenge, due to a strong illusion and successfully deleting the human body form. For the actual challenge, the contestants had to utilize each body part in order to create an illusion with the tattoo. Unfortunately many did not meet the challenge but three failed miserably, Kruseman, Katie and Earl had the worst tattoo’s of the night. Earl was sent home due to terrible design in tattoo. Although I believed Katie’s tattoo was less deserving of a spot. Her tattoo was a supposed to be a mouth but inside the tongue seemed to be separated and looked more like two cherries. She was supremely confident this week, which most likely threw her off her game. There weren’t many tattoos that impressed me this week, but next weeks episode seemed to consist of a lot of tag teaming tattooing which seemed VERY interesting. Stay tuned for next weeks show!

Tattoo Of The Day

image1-9 image4-2image2-4image4-2     Artist : DtatStar Tattoo: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

MCM : Motivation Crush Monday

Sue Tsai is TBYI’s motivation crush monday simply because of her talent. Her aesthetic, is modern and electric! Sue’s chosen color palette resembles the fun work of Jeff Koon but with more of a feminine flare. Artistically Sue remains “unfuckwithable” because of her style. Her pieces are intricately colored and so wildly vibrant, it could probably take your breath away. Her main focus is essentially on the female body, mind and soul and she shows it with complete power. Each painting is extremely powerful, and they all display women with such prestige energy. THE THINK BEFORE YOU INK family LOVE’S SUE SO MUCH! SUETSAI1SUETSAI2SUETSAI3

Attention or Art?

IMG_2824-2 IMG_2822 The conversation of female artists on instagram has been the topic of discussion for a few weeks now. Plenty of meme’s have hit the net on whether or not the age of artists are seeking attention or displaying their art. Kaylin Garcia is the star of has been caught in the cross fire for her lusty pictures while displaying her new found love for art. So today’s question is are they looking for attention or looking to broadcast their amazing art. Comment and let us know if you believe its Attention or Art!!  

Alexander McQueen will be British Money

This just in , one of the world’s best visual artist’s is getting closer to becoming the face on the European twenty dollar bill. McQueen is among the 435 deceased artists to be an official candidate for the 20 dollar bill. The founder of Burberry has also become a candidate. The chosen candidate for the twenty dollar bill, will replace the philosopher Adam Smith in Spring of 2016. I believe wholeheartedly that Alexander McQueen should receive the opportunity to be on the twenty dollar bill simply because he was one of the only groundbreaking designers we had in the fashion industries. This would be such a plus for the fashion lovers everywhere and it will show great respect to a young talented deceased artist. tumblr_m9gb07Rtmc1qz6fxjo1_1280 mcqueen-scarf-dance-de alexander-mcqueen3_1364278i main_image

MCM: Motivation Crush Monday

As a younging myself, I respect any girl that’s young and doing good for themselves. Kehlani is most definitely artist to watch simply because she is a force of nature. Being a woman with so many tattoos and have such an androgynous look, it is so stimulating. Kehlani is liberating and unapologetic. All of her tattoos are extremely unique and show a great amount of respect to the women in this world. Tattoos covering her skin with faces like Lauryn Hill and Frida Khalo. I appreciate her because she curates such free spirited music and she writes all of it by herself which is so rare nowadays. She is a walking art gallery and an inspiration to young girls and women all over the world. She’s on tour right now, get your tickets now! :)Kehlani1 Kehlani2 Kehlani3 Kehlnai5